In writing session with Incognito

Stuart is in Studio together with Bluey from Incognito to write some new stuff. It is not the first time Stuart has been working with Incognito. We did a small interview with Stu about this:

So you are in studio with Incognito. But this is not the first time you work with Incognito right?
- I worked with Incognito on a cover version of Boz Scaggs "Low Down" featuring Chaka Khan and Mario Biondi. I love working with Bluey as his creative process is very meticulous and focused. He's also just a really cool guy!

How many songs are you working together on right now?
- We currently have two songs on the go at the moment. One of them is a track I started four years ago in Los Angeles. It's something that was meant for my solo album. But as my album is changing so much I thought its a better song for the Incognito peeps. The second is a jam Bluie orchestrated and consists of 4 sections. It's a jam but it sounds rather epic to me. I'm so honoured to be a part of it.

I heard some of it and sounds lovely. Can you reveal what kind of sound the songs has?
- I would say it sounds like some early jamiroquai stuff. Not sure if that's because on my bass or just how things naturally went. We are using the same productions techniques (Rhodes, horns, etc)

Is there any chances to see you performing live with incognito you think?
- Obviously I would love to go out for some shows with Incognito. Hopefully this can happen if my production schedule here in London will allow the time needed to rehearse. Bluey did mention some dates in Asia... Let's see what happens.

That would be wonderful if it happens! Anything else you want to add?
- What Bluey played me from the rest of the album is awesome. I do hope all enjoy and know that I'm starting the process of playing live again. I've had quite a few setbacks in that regard as I've had a few production gigs go to pot. And a few people who I've helped a lot throw me under a bus. I won't mention any names, but they know who they are. My time at the moment is focused on getting the most funkiest band together so I can come and share my groove with you all once again. It's all love baby! That's the only way to heal! Peace!

Listen to Lowdown feat. Stuart Zender: